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Vala & Daniel Icons [Are you messing with me? // Is it working?]

I haven't been this disappointed since Daniel and I had sex.

Vala & Daniel Icons
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Welcome to 'Vala & Daniel Icons', the community for all your Vala, Daniel or Vala/Daniel icon needs. Due to inactivity, members are open to post not just icons, but picspams, wallpapers, fanmixes, gifs, and other types of graphics as well.

Plus, we'll make icons challenges now and then, to have some good time in the comm.


- Every entry must have icons, those can be only about Vala, only about Daniel, or about Vala/Daniel.

- If posting more than three icons, place them behind a LJ-CUT.

- You can post three icons for a preview, outside the cut, or link.

- If your icons are placed in your personal journal / icon journal those entries can be friends-only entries, but always if you make note of it in your entry here.


- You can pimp other communities, journals, etc, but only if you do it in a proper entry, with at least three icons.

- Please, NO CHARACTER BASHING or pairing bashing in icons, comments, entries... You know, you can explain what you need without bashing anybody.

- And above all, have fun, be polite and respectful with everybody, you are here to have a good time!


1. You must be a member of the community if you want to participate in the challenges. So, if you aren't JOIN NOW

2. Animated icons are NOT allowed. All other icons are fine, as long as they are 100x100 (or less) pixels, under 40KB, and in .jpg, .gif, .png format. You can use textures, text, etc...

3. You must use the picture provided for each challenge.

4. You must submit up to 3 icons.

5. Each challenge could have it's own little rules, so i encourage you to read the post where the challenge is announced.

6. You CAN'T vote for yourself and you CAN'T ask anybody to vote for you. Votes CAN'T be anonymous.

7. DON'T post your/s icon/s anywhere else until the contest is over. If you don't follow this rule, you will be disqualified.

8. When the contest is over, the winners will be announced and you CAN do what you want with your icons. Including posting them in this comm. It will be awesome if you say those icons were used to participate at a challenge in valadanielicons, too :)

9. If you have any questions, just ask them here :)

how to submit an icon

You must post your icons in a comment to the challenge post, like this:


All comments will be screened. If you don't follow the rules, your icons could be rejected.

how to vote

I will post an entry the day the votes start in which you can vote for your three favourite icons.

There will be four winners:

1st place
2nd place
3rd place
mod's choice

you can submit icons from -, both included. (10 days)
voting from -, both included. (3 days)
winners will be announced on -.


- lonekitty


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If you would like to affiliate, please, comment in this post.

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