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Vala & Daniel Icons [Are you messing with me? // Is it working?]
I haven't been this disappointed since Daniel and I had sex.
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28th-Mar-2011 12:16 am - NEW SG1 FAN LOOKING FOR A NEW ICON!
Dr. Baker
I LOVE DANIEL AND VALA! Please tell me someone will help a new fan find some sweet icons!

Fan video in the works as well, if you can point me to an archive of footage would be eternally grateful!!
25th-Mar-2011 09:41 pm(no subject)
Hey everyone. 
This comm has been really quiet over the past couple of months. So, although the community is called Vala & Daniel icons, I'm opening it to any graphic-type posts related to the couple. This means that posts you have with picspams, fanmixes, wallpapers, etc. can now be posted here too. :D

If any of you have any suggestions for making this comm active again, feel free to comment and let me know. :D
14th-Oct-2010 03:30 pm(no subject)

Hi guys.
heliotitans posted earlier in the week about possibly closing the community.  However, I offered to take over.

So, as your new mod, I just wanted to say hi and let you guys know. :D
The community used to have icon challenges. Do you think we should start them up again?

13th-Oct-2010 07:01 pm(no subject)

Sorry for posting this so late, but for anyone interested....

holiday exchange @ dv_exchange 
Click here to sign up! :D You don't have to have an lj account to participate. 
Hurry! Sign ups end on the 15th.

13th-Oct-2010 02:29 pm - Deleting the community
Red Riding Hood
I'm thinking of deleting this community, but if some of it's members want to take it as a mod, let me know before deleting it.

27th-Mar-2010 01:00 am(no subject)
dan&rupert&emma | dance with me
eighty sanctuary icons
fifteen daniel/vala icons


click for more!
The Stargate Movie Campaign is currently holding a contest for a fan created, original, and official logo for the campaign. This will be used in just about every way we can--Tshirts, flyers, banners, websites, and the official mailing campaign that will start once MGM passes the Stargate franchise onto another company. We are also taking submission for banners and icons for the campaign. Come join the fight for the greenlight!

And what's that? I have to create Vala or Daniel icons to post here? Thank you for giving me the excuse! *big grin*
8th-Oct-2009 05:27 pm - Icons! And a Challenge Comm.

Hello All!

I'm posting to encourage you all to enter this week's challenge at valadaniel_test ! We have pretty caps and fun themes, and we're always looking for more participants! So please head on over and check out THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE!

<3 I'll love you forever if you enter =)

In order to inspire you all to enter, I'm posting this little collection of black and white icons that I made for last week's theme challenge! Some I entered, others I didn't =)



(More Icons Over Here)

NB: I'm cross-posting this entry around! Sorry to spam anyone! =)

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